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The company can undertake 220kV and below voltage class power transmission project, 10kV distribution network project, industry expansion project, district supporting project design. Since its inception, the company designed to complete the 220kV substation project 2, 110kV substation project 4, the design completed 35kV substation project 3, 110kV and below transmission line 5; 10kV below the power distribution project more than 100. And with the National Nuclear Design Institute in Beijing, Shandong electric power Advisory Institute, to carry out international power transmission design business. In recent years, the company by strengthening the power grid design training, with the industry well-known electric power design institute cooperation, transmission design, quality, technology innovation has been greatly improved, and actively explore the "smart micro grid" engineering technology.
Development of feasibility study report for 220kV and following access system
Feasibility study report of power transmission project under 220kV and below
Design of power transmission and transformation project under 220kV
10kV following distribution network project, industry expansion project and residential supporting project design
10kV below the distribution network, industry expansion project general contracting