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Thermoelectric Engineering
Have a thermal power project experienced technical design professionals, has a wealth of design experience and site manager, with excellent professional talents, strict quality management, serious and responsible work attitude, wholeheartedly do service concept, provide a wide range of engineering design for the project owner, general contract firms.
The scope of the project is covered:
Installed capacity: 3MW, 6MW, 12MW, 25MW, 50MW, 135MW, 150MW
Loading type: pure condensing machine, extraction machine, standby machine, back pressure machine and drag turbine
Boiler scale: 35t/h, 75t/h, 90t/h, 130t/h, 240t/h, 440t/h, 480t/h
Boiler type: pulverized coal boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, grate boiler, gas boiler, waste heat boiler, biomass boiler and coal water slurry boiler
Pressure levels: medium temperature, medium pressure, sub high temperature, sub high pressure, high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and ultra high pressure
Traditional small thermal power design, advanced technology and rich performance both at home and abroad