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New energy power generation

As mankind enters the twenty-first Century, a new energy revolution is quietly taking place. According to the needs of economic and social sustainable development, people are eager to call for the establishment of clean and renewable energy based energy structure, and gradually replace the energy structure with serious pollution and limited resources of fossil energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation technology, wind power generation technology, biomass power generation technology, waste heat utilization power generation technology, tidal power generation technology and fuel cell power generation technology. On the basis of maintaining the rapid development of conventional new energy services (photovoltaic, wind power and waste heat power generation), the company has actively invested in the research, application and innovation of cutting-edge technologies such as tidal energy and fuel cells.
The scope of the project is covered:
Fully grasp the ground type, roof type and mountain type photovoltaic power generation design technology, the design ability of domestic leading
With mature low temperature waste heat power generation design experience, master the distributed energy and advanced technology of ORC low temperature waste heat power generation design
Comprehensively grasp the waste heat power generation of the sulfuric acid plant, glass furnace waste heat power generation, cement kiln waste heat power generation, high purity silicon furnace waste heat power generation
Especially sulfuric acid plant, high purity silicon waste heat power generation project technology experience