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We are committed to providing the best energy solutions for our customers!

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S from focus and professional   H to sharing and win-win

   Shandong shenghe electric power engineering design co., LTD(SDSHGC) is a professional electrical engineering consulting and design service provider, to provide professional, tandardized, low cost, excellent customer experience of electric power engineering consulting and design services. The company has a high-quality management team, management members from the domestic first-class power design institute. The company has the qualification issued by the Ministry of construction of the power industry (new energy supply, transmission / transformation), municipal industry (thermal) engineering design, grade B design. At the same time, the company also passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification\ISO14001 environmental management system certification\OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification. Business areas include thermal power, power transmission and distribution, new energy, municipal thermal engineering design, consulting and general contracting business.

Since its establishment, its own rich public relations resources, excellent professionals, strict quality management, serious and responsible work attitude, wholeheartedly to do the service concept,For the general contract firms, the project owners to provide multi-faceted consulting, design, project management and other services,For many electrical and mechanical equipment, construction, installation, building materials business build information hub.

Scope of engineering consulting services: writing project proposal, preparing project feasibility study report, project application report, capital application report.

Engineering design service scope: design thermoelectrical engineering installation scale: 3MW, 6MW, 12MW, 25MW, 50MW 135MW 150MW; The machine models involved straight condensing turbine, extraction turbine ,extraction back pressure turbine , back pressure turbine, Drag turbine . Boiler scale: 35t/h, 75t/h, 90t/h, 130t/h, 240t/h, 440t/h 480t/h; The boiler types involved are: coal pod boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, grate boiler, gas boiler, waste heat boiler, biomass boiler, water coal slurry boiler, etc. Pressure level of boiler: medium and high temperature, high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and high pressure etc.

   SDSHGC is a knowledge intensive technology service units, strong technical force, advanced office equipment, office conditions superior.

   SDSHGC has thermal engine, electrical, construction, structure, control, water, coal (fuel), ash (slag), chemical water, general plans, technical, heating, ventilation and other professional.It is equipped with advanced publishing, scanning, copying, printing and binding publishing equipment.The company set up by computer support, electronic file system based on database, can satisfy the engineering consulting, engineering design, project management, information management, office automation and computer graphic processing needs.

   SDSHGC has always attached great importance to the progress of science and technology, in the design of strengthening quality awareness, trust project, our product design has been fully recognized by the majority of partners and the general contract firms.Companies in the development of constantly improve the quality management system, in the work of continuous exploration of design laws, the implementation of new norms, the use of new materials, research and new technologies, innovation, and actively improve,In recent years, the design of new energy power generation and gas - steam combined cycle power generation technology, the comprehensive utilization of waste gas has accumulated rich experience in research, in wind power, solar power and wind power and other clean energy complementary design is to increase the technology investment and has made significant progress.

The company will also continue to increase research and investment in new technology areas, and constantly improve the core business competitiveness.

    SDSHGC has 32 employees, including 2 national 1st class registered architect, registered equipment engineer 3, registered electrical engineers 4, consultants 1, registration cost division 2, 6 senior engineers, engineers 6. The company is people-oriented, Sincerely recruiting the world talent, we have enthusiasm, good faith and considerate attitude, make friends with the world wide , and we willing to create a brilliant career with you!The company has strong technical strength, strict scientific management, good reputation, high quality design products and high quality service has been accepted by the vast numbers of users.

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